Bring Your Own Religion

Whether you pray five times a day, once every night on your knees before bed, once a week in the Lotto line, or not at all, chances are you’ve looked to some higher power for inspiration. And if you’re human, you probably like music, and you’ve probably had your fill of the typical live scene spewing about drugs, sex, and life’s ills. So how about something a little more uplifting? How about Gospel Sundays at The Literary Café?

“Most people enjoy gospel inspiration, but they’re afraid of a commitment to a church or religious organization. Our gospel open mike creates a medium where you can come and be inspired through song and poetry and not feel obligated to be under a certain set of rules,” says Will da Real One, the event’s organizer. In other words, there will be no preaching or dietary restrictions, just pure gospel for the taking.
Sun., July 29, 7 p.m.


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