Breast Friends

The world’s largest lady lumps are a size ZZZ. Whether or not you own a pair of sweater puppies, we bet you didn’t know those letters of the alphabet could have anything to do with what’s going on underneath that inconspicuous blouse. Though the breast is a universal symbol for womanhood, few folks take the time to appreciate their many facets — and those who do aren’t usually very respectful about it. So New Theatre is launching its Boomfrog! Series with an evening dedicated to the wonders of the boob. Keeping A-Breast — see what they did there? — is the collaborative effort of eight playwrights aimed at paying tribute to the beauty and importance of the mamma (that’s Latin for breast). After all, says Eileen Suarez, managing director of New Theatre: “Sometimes as women, we don’t celebrate our breasts.” The show is a combination of monologues and two character scenes that range from comedic to dramatic. Each piece has a voice of its own, all coordinated harmoniously by New Theatre’s artistic director, Ricky J. Martinez. A portion of the proceeds from the performances will go to support breast cancer awareness programming in Miami-Dade County.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 8. Continues through Sept. 16, 2012


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