Braves’ New World

It was kind of cute when the Braves went all-in to bring hard-swinging righty Mark Teixeira to Atlanta before the trading deadline, only to go all of 6-5 over their next 11 games with their new first baseman. At the end of that stretch, the Braves were in a virtual dead heat for the National League’s wild card playoff spot. There was a time when the Braves winning the division was as assured as their obnoxious fans not showing up to watch the first round. Now the team responsible for a patently politically incorrect cheer called “the tomahawk chop” is scrapping for position against the rest of the mediocre teams. Count the Marlins among that bunch, unfortunately.

Florida’s roster has suffered more injuries than the extras on Scrubs -- it would be nice to see what the team could do at full strength -- and is about as much a threat to push to the postseason as Canada is a threat to invade Mexico. Still, it’s nice to watch a mortal Atlanta team have to earn its way to anything. Chop till you drop at 7:05 p.m. at Dolphin Stadium. Tickets start at nine dollars. Buy them at the gate, at, or by calling Ticketmaster at 954-523-3309.
Wed., Aug. 29, 7:05 p.m.


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