Bow Before Chairman Panda

Don’t confuse the new show at ArtCenter/South Florida with an autopsy of the presidential election or why the Dow Jones Industrial is undergoing death by a thousand cuts. Instead, Propaganda 2008 is a printmaking installation that satirizes mass consumption, communication, and sexuality in pop culture. Cooked up by the Propaganda Collective, the provocative show is presided over by Chairman Panda (Roxy Ramos), the National Corndog Federation (Aimee Sauer), and Lips, Inc. (Lazaro Amaral), featuring the troika’s take on what’s polluting America’s bowels. Saturday night at 7, the pundit triumvirate reaches out to the addled masses at ArtCenter, where your thirst for enlightenment can be quaffed by buckets of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Head Corndog Sauer riffs on Eisenhower-era advertising while celebrating the wholesome goodness of America’s favorite heart attack on a stick. Chairman Ramos lays a chokehold on the Chinese Cultural Revolution via an orgy of hedonistic excess inspired by the slogan “to get rich is glorious,” as burped by a senile Deng Xiaoping. Amaral wraps the gob around the tensions between East and West by shanghaiing sundry symbols of physical lust, stroking a raw nerve with lip-smacking pizzazz. The exhibit runs through November 24, and admission is free.
Nov. 8-24, 2008


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