Both Sides of the Lens

Joel Grey is known as one of Broadway’s ultimate stars, having made his name as the Master of Ceremonies in both the original stage and film versions of Cabaret. Fun fact — he is one of only seven actors to have won both a Tony and an Oscar for the same role, and in 1972 he beat out Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone for best supporting actor at the Academy Awards. How’s that for an offer you can’t refuse?

Although Grey is known as a flamboyant star onstage who has held his own beside stars from Liza Minelli to Miss Piggy to Bjork, behind the scenes he’s an observer and an accomplished photographer. Joel Grey’s new photography book, Looking Hard at Unexamined Things, is full of quirky close-ups, highly textured surfaces, detritus, graffiti, and unexpected splotches of color found amid an often bleak landscape. The book costs $40. The star of stage and screen will share his private discoveries at an autographing session tonight.
Wed., March 28, 6 p.m.


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