Bossa Supernova

Throughout his 50-year career, Brazilian superstar Roberto Carlos has been the biggest-selling artist in his native country. Starting out as a bossa nova crooner in the early '60s, he first achieved recognition when he led a group of scruffy rockers who called themselves the Jovem Guarda (Portuguese for "young guard"), a movement that conquered the hearts of the country's teens.

As his fans grew up, so did he. The mid-'70s saw him shift his style to cater to a wider adult audience. That move made him even more popular with the help of Brazil's Globo TV network, which broadcasts an annual holiday special that features Carlos as host and plays his greatest hits. Carlos, who has not one but two Grammys, will perform this Saturday at the American Airlines Arena.
Sat., April 10, 8 p.m., 2010


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