Boom and Doom

The name Delta Heavy might conjure images of a Mississippi bluesman bellowing hardship over an old acoustic guitar. However, in this case, it’s two London blokes with a penchant for deep, booming bass. But they’ve still got plenty of soul. Big-room theatrics mix with London’s grimy underbelly for some of the nastiest bangers to blast from a synthesizer. This show promises a burning-hot mix of all manner of flavors and vibes. Delta Heavy isn’t afraid to turn the tempo up or down, as long as the common denominator is mean-mugging, bone-crunching drops. This is dance music for the apocalypse, so come with your game face and be ready to get blown away. This Thursday at Grand Central (697 N. Miami Ave., Miami), the British boys will encounter no obstacles to delivering a no-nonsense, teeth-knockin’ good time. Local boys Caligula will get you primed and ready with their own earth-shattering opening set.
Thu., Aug. 29, 10 p.m., 2013


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