Bone Up on Basel

If you want to get an early leg up before Art Basel-phrenia addles your eyes, how about a dose of fresh French-Canadian roadkill to get the spirits in gear? Marc Seguin has left his snowbound haunts in the rearview mirror and brought his art to the Big Mango, hoping to stop you dead in your tracks during Basel. His ferocious canvases will be on view this Tuesday beginning at 11 a.m. at the fresh-squeezed Charest-Weinberg Gallery (250 NW 23rd St., #408, Miami), where he combines drawn and painted images of humans with salvaged, taxidermied critters that convey both a sense of violence and existential eeriness. His Roadkill series typically feature isolated souls confronted by predatory creatures. Blood spills forth as the three-dimensional coyotes sink their fangs into young men and women.

For the past decade, the French-Canadian Seguin and his chum Martin Tigard have roamed the backwoods of Quebec, foraging for dead animals in the name of art. Tigard is a chef who owns Le Pied de Cochon (The Pig’s Foot) in Montreal. “Both of them are currently being followed by a New York Times food writer for a book about the duo’s escapades,” says Eric Charest-Weinberg, Seguin’s Miami dealer. “It’s not a cookbook about roadkill,” he laughs. Call 305-292-0411, or visit What’s Basel without our favorite pussy? On December 4 at 7:30 p.m., catch Magic City Kitty at the Gibson Guitar Studio (180 NE 39th St., Ste. 200, Miami), where the New Times sex diva will dish out advice while homeboy Lebo spanks serious art ass with his singular vibe. The joint will feature live music, an open bar, grown-up cotton candy, "green" safe-sex giveaways, and original Lebo artwork with the scorching Kitty in mind. Visit or
Tue., Dec. 2; Thu., Dec. 4, 2008


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