Bond with Your Family

When drive-ins ruled, our parents flocked to them to conceive us in the back seats of their cars. Later, when they couldn’t find a babysitter, they hogtied us in the Chevy and dragged us to the scene of the crime, polluting our pliant young minds with B-movie cheese while they tried to sneak a joint with their friends outside. Tonight at Bayfront Park, Sunset Cinema Inc. will try to recapture the magic of those halcyon nights under the stars by offering first-run flicks within a whiff of the ocean breeze. The mom-and-pop operation began its alfresco screenings last year on the Jersey shore, ironically not far from the spot where the first drive-in opened in 1933. Movies by the Bay will be spooling Happy Feet at 6:30 and Casino Royale at 9:00 on an inflatable giant screen, with Dolby Digital surround sound. Contraceptives optional; no outside food, alcohol or, ahem, drugs permitted. Films will vary through April. Tickets cost six to nine dollars. Call 786-425-1800, or visit
Fri., Nov. 17


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