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South Beach has such history

Bond, Sham Bond

Anybody who has seen the new James Bond flick knows that the scenes in "Miami" look somewhat unfamiliar. They've replaced the MIA La Carreta with some sort of luxury clothing boutique. The scary Bodies exhibition where Bond hunts Le Chiffre's henchmen is in niether the former Virgin Megastore on South Dixie Highway nor the Miami Science Museum.

Apparently the exterior of the science museum, according to the IMDb, is none other than the fa�ade of the Czech Republic's Ministry of Transport. And the interior of the "Miami International Airport" is sometimes that of Nassau International Airport and sometimes Ruzyn� International Airport in Prague. The rain-slicked tarmac where Bond and henchman battle over the explosive-rigged fuel truck is the Dunsfold Park Aerodrome of Surrey, England.

Apparently the estimated $150 million budget just didn't leave room for some stock footage. -Emily Witt


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