Bog Beasties

Swamp critters on display

SAT 10/23

Betrayed and bedeviled, the indigenous people of this land have nonetheless survived and even thrived. Take the Seminoles. A series of wars in the Nineteenth Century penned the tribe in the middle of the vast swamp known as the Everglades. Roughly 150 years later, the Indians offer everyone an array of amenities and adventures well worth investigating. The Seminoles now offer numerous ways to enjoy the mucky environs: swamp buggy and airboat rides; tent sites, cabins, chickees for overnight visits; delicacies such as the impossibly scrumptious fry bread, catfish, alligator, and frog legs; and, naturally, wildlife displays. The latest addition to the Billie Swamp Safari is the Swamp Critter Show, a 45-minute affair featuring armadillos, skunks, ferrets, and razorback hogs. These creatures join established show animals including snakes, alligators, owls, hawks, tarantulas, and scorpions. Visitors can check out the wild things every afternoon at 1:15. Prices range from $4 to $8. The Big Cypress Seminole Reservation is nineteen miles north of I-75 at exit 49. Call 800-949-6101 or visit -- Greg Baker

Pleasant Perambulation

WED 10/27

The fortunes of Lincoln Road have risen and fallen along with those of Miami Beach. In a cycle of boom and bust, the Road has see-sawed from being this area's premier shopping and entertainment district to being a really good place to get mugged. By the late 1980's the street began its slow climb back to vitality. Today, it's an unrivaled success story. Experience Lincoln Road in full bloom tonight at this month's Arts Walk, where you can visit a whole slew of art galleries, sample food and spirits from the street's best restaurants, and enjoy live music as well as a whole variety of giveaways and discounts. Wander between Pennsylvania and Jefferson tonight at 7:00. Call 305-531-8821. --Chris De Angelis

Ooh La Lune

Enjoy tonight's eclipse

WED 10/27

From the Egyptians to Sputnik, the Mayans to Apollo, the Greeks to Challenger, right up to the new craft promising recreational space travel, humans have moved from awe and reverence to practical application and back with regards to the heavens, seeking to reach into the stars and touch the face of God. Plus, the sky is really cool to look at. It's especially cool when the great beyond delivers drama: stars falling, planets aligning, and, with what must have totally freaked out the members of ancient civilizations, a lunar eclipse like the one taking place tonight. A laser show and visit with nocturnal animals from the planetarium's wildlife center are included for the $10 admission. Take a look between 8:00 and midnight at Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium, 3280 S. Miami Ave. Call 305-646-4200, or visit -- Greg Baker


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