Body by Mario

He wrestled his way into our hearts in 1989, clad in multicolored Hammer pants and a cut-off sweatshirt that was so cropped it made Jennifer Beals blush. He was A.C. Slater, and he always wore a killer smile, premium muscles, and a mini Mexi-fro with a finesse that made you happy to be up on a Saturday morning. He hasn’t been on Saved by the Bell in years (not counting syndication; yay, TBS!) and, yes, he lost on Dancing with the Stars, but Mario Lopez could still carry our books for us. And this time, he’s written his own. No, it’s not about how to read corny Nineties sitcom lines without your tongue landing in your cheek. It’s called Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness, and it’s your guide to looking great through diet, exercise, and — judging by Lopez’s b-b-body on the cover — black magic.

First he needed bells to save him, and then he needed dancing stars to resuscitate his career, but judging by the muscles he’s earned using his own techniques, we think he could whoop Zack’s ass in a thumb-wrestling match for good-girl Kelly’s heart. Meet the dude himself at Borders at 2 p.m.
Sat., May 24, 2 p.m., 2008


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