Blow out the Candles, Diva

Ingrid B has been South Florida’s pied piper of spoken word and soul music for years, leading folks away from the fray of parties where “they don’t dance no mo’” (as Goodie Mob put it) and injecting them with her unique brand of entertainment. Artists and party people alike have her to thank for the type of fun that nourishes your soul and gives you a hangover — something that a night at Mansion could never do unless what you crave is cocaina.

Good times like these are hard to find, so party people with soul (which Ingrid B calls soulcialites) from Dade and beyond show up wherever she sponsors events, which has included places such as the Literary Café, Yuca, and Santos. "When soulcialites unite, it’s an experience not to be missed,” she explains. “Once again, [this year] my birthday celebration will be dedicated to spoken word and music for the soul. Everyone in South Florida should get on the ‘B’ side.” This Wednesday’s third annual Taurus Affair will feature soul diva Toy, spoken-word artists M Reld and Tommy Bottoms, and the ever-amazing MC (and cohost of the bash) Rahsaan.
Wed., May 20, 8 p.m., 2009


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