Bloody Good Fun

If you find Major League Baseball’s World Series dreadfully boring (like, well, everyone), you might get more entertainment out of its bloodier incarnation — the World Series of Fighting. It’s fists over bats for this annual mixed martial arts battle royal, and this year, the Welterweight Championship Fight will go down at the University of Miami’s BankUnited Center (1245 Dauer Dr., Coral Gables). It’s an entire evening of brawn, brawls, and bloody noses, right in our own backyard. Josh “the People’s Warrior” Burkman and Steve Carl will beat each other to a pulp in the inaugural welterweight title fight; Carson “Little Juggernaut” Beebe and Marlon Moraes will get into fisticuffs for the co-main event; and Justin Gaethje and Dan “the Upgrade” Lauzon will get their lightweight beatdown on. There’ll be lots of other ringside duels too. Expect more than enough broken teeth and bloodied lips to go around. Plus, the fight will air nationally, so you might be able to get your pretty mug on TV. Be glad you’re free of cauliflower ear.
Sat., Oct. 26, 9 p.m., 2013


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