Blood and Body Parts

From an H-65 helicopter, the Coast Guard spots an oversize fishing cooler just off the western coast of Florida, bobbing in the choppy, black waters of Pensacola Bay. The copter descends to an altitude of 200 feet and hovers momentarily above the lost icebox before a rescue swimmer rappels from the craft to retrieve it. The team suspects it’s packed with 50 or more kilos of coke. But the cooler’s contents turn out to be much worse than drugs. Inside are two complete collections of carefully wrapped human body parts.

In New York Times best-selling author Alex Kava’s new psychological thriller, Damaged, FBI criminal profiler Maggie O’Dell is sent south to Pensacola to identify the hacked-up corpses and hunt down the sick mongrel who did it. But the job is even more complicated than usual. To solve this case, O’Dell has to survive a Category 5 hurricane, a total lack of resources, and nagging insomnia.
Wed., July 28, 8 p.m., 2010


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