Blitz Across America

Last week, a swampy garage rock band from Toronto called Teenanger crossed the Canada-U.S. border in a 2000 Dodge Caravan packed with exotic animals, weird meats, and musical instruments. It was the dubious beginning of the foursome’s very first American tour, a crazy two-week blitz cutting through the center of the country from Detroit to Memphis to Austin and beyond. Guitarist G.C. Gary says: “People think we’re fucked in the head. But when you get time off work, you need to cover ground. It’s gonna be high risk, high fun.”

All told, Gary and the other members — singer Alex Lekay, bass player Sharon Needles, and drummer Salvatore — plan to visit 17 American cities before returning home. And sometime this Saturday, the Teenanger peeps will finally mark the halfway point when they roll into Miami after an all-night, red-eye drive from New Orleans. They’ll park the van, shotgun some beers, and storm the outdoor stage at Midnight Madness for a set of tunes from their new full-length Give Me Pink. Local garage guys Lil Daggers and Deaf Poets will play, too.
Sat., April 17, 2010


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