Blind Men Shall Lead Us

You might know them for their Tom Waits cover of "Way Down in the Hole," which opens the much-beloved HBO show The Wire. But the gospel/roots group the Blind Boys of Alabama has accomplished so much more. They have won five Grammys and been invited to the White House by each of the last three presidents (yes, even Dubya). But this isn't your average gospel group. When they appeared on David Letterman with Lou Reed, they covered "Jesus" by the Velvet Underground. Is that enough name-dropping? Franky, we'd run out of room if we continued, so we'll just sum it up by saying they've collaborated with everyone from Bob Dylan to Kanye West. Everyone wants a piece of their heavy-soul sound. (And about that name: The group formed at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in 1939. The group's three main vocalists and drummer are visually impaired.)
Sat., April 24, 8 p.m., 2010


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