Bird in the Hand at New Theatre Through April 7

In Bird in the Hand, pink flamingos aren't just tacky symbols of Florida kitsch; they're walking, talking tools to help a young man recall his formative years. The second play in New Theatre's "Boomfrog" series of new, offbeat works, Jorge Ignacio Cortinas's comedy centers on Felix (Ivan R. Lopez), a 27-year-old first-generation American of Cuban lineage living in Miami. The play charts his reminiscences about working at his father's tropical-bird theme park at age 18. During his time there, he became awfully close to his feathered friends, portrayed onstage by Fidel Urbina and Kristina Abreu, whose dialogues he remembers with customary fogginess; Bird in the Hand, you could say, is a memory play in which many of the memories are faulty. "It's funny, it's poignant, it runs the gamut. I think everyone will get a laugh out of it and find a part of themselves in it," says codirector Steven Chambers. In a first for New Theatre, the audience will be seated onstage along the rim of the proscenium — all the better to ogle the pedantic flamingos.


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