Billboards and Bling

So awards season is officially over, right? The Golden Globes are behind us, and the Oscars are just a distant point in our rear-view mirror where Colin Firth is still grinning and Natalie Portman is scratching her head. The 53rd Grammy Awards are just a vague and blurry memory where Lady Antebellum proved that adding a line to which drunks can sing along at 1 a.m. really does make a difference. Ah, but what of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, taking place right here in our back yard? You’d be remiss to overlook Latin music’s biggest night. Sexy starlets and songbirds will strut the red carpet in barely-there gowns, flaunting enough silicone to make Bill Gates green with envy. Reggaeton superstars will dazzle with copious quantities of ice and bling, posturing at the fact that their grating genre still hasn’t gone away. Enrique Iglesias, Maná, and Miami’s own Pitbull, AKA Mr. Worldwide, are just a few of the acts slated to perform at the Billboard Latin Music awards this Thursday night. All the glimmer and glam will go down at the BankUnited Center on the University of Miami campus. Unfortunately, because of the smaller venue this year, the show is invitation-only. Thankfully, there’s always the free star-gazing outside on the red carpet.
Thu., April 28, 7 p.m., 2011


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