She's found her sweet spot and she's stoked
She's found her sweet spot and she's stoked

Big Boats MeanBig Docks

So there was this Miamian named José who thought that it would be a joy to buy a boat and take full advantage of South Florida's aquatic nature. He purchased a vessel and a trailer. On Saturday mornings, he figured, he'd hitch the trailer to the family SUV, drive to a local marina, slip the boat into the water, cruise around, get some sun, drown some bait, absorb the pleasures of the subtropics.

On the initial trip, José's trailer got a flat tire. He persevered, and the next weekend was able to get his boat into the water. But the motor failed, and he had to be towed to shore by the Coast Guard. So he took his boat out and shot it. Wait ... there is a happy ending and a point to the fate of hard-luck José. Instead of giving up, he realized he should've simply bought a decent boat in the first place.

Whatever frustrations might sometimes be involved in the life of a seaman, the fact is, especially here in Miami, a day on a bay or a jaunt up a waterway is inevitably worth the trouble. And you're less likely to end up signaling if you spend some time shopping for that new watercraft -- emphasis on "new." The rest of us will be at the Miami International Boat Show (a.k.a. The Greatest Boat Show in the World) for the sole purpose of fantasizing.


The Miami International Boat Show

at and around the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach.

begins at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, February 17, and runs through Monday, February 21. Hours and prices vary. Call 954-441-3220, or visit

There's plenty to see: The boat show is really a bunch of shows packaged together. Heck, the Yacht & Brokerage Show has its own separate press kit! Within the sailboat section there's something called "Multihull Lagoon," which displays more catamarans than any other "one place on earth." Okay, right, they're not on earth, they're on water, but after 64 years, the five-day-long boat show should be familiar to all as something way more than the cause of major traffic jams.


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