Beyond Beans and Rice

They are no Manny, Moe, and Jack, but these three dudes do put the pep in making a little Cuban food go a long way. If you don’t know a chicharrón from a mariquita, Glenn Lindgren, Raul Musibay, and Jorge Castillo will be at Sentir Cubano from 2:00 to 5:00 today, signing copies of their new book of favorite Cuban foods and snacks, Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban. The guys have been on a crusade to teach the Big Mac-addled masses how to dine like the natives when visiting Miami, and have appeared on the Food Network, extolling the island’s artery-clogging chow. And as a side dish, art will also be on today’s menu as local artist Tony Mendoza stirs the spicy pot of ajiaco with a tasty new series of wildly colorful work, Little Havana Comidas, depicting traditional Cuban fare he renders in a bold, slashing style. No shrinking violeta, Mendoza will be “more than happy to personally dedicate for you the limited-edition prints of [his] very popular” Little Havana Vignettes series. Be sure to pack the Pepto-Bismol. Call 305-644-8870, or visit
Sat., Sept. 30


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