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Ladies, let’s chat about a scenario that’s happened to all of us. It starts like this: You and your boyfriend break up because he lives on some dude’s couch and can’t hold a job -- you grew weary of picking up both the check and his dirty laundry. A week goes by. He’s already paired up with another successful, charming woman and you’re drinking wine from the bottle, weeping your eyes out. Where is the justice? When do you get rewarded for your accomplishments? Hell, where are all the good men?

Vivica A. Fox’s character, Vivian Wolf, faces similar challenges in the new stage comedy by Je’Caryous Johnson, Whatever She Wants. Instead of alternating between Dibbs and Kleenex, Wolf takes charge by forming an exclusive club where only men of the highest caliber are granted membership. Her father, Theodore, played by Richard Roundtree (Shaft? Damn right.), isn’t hip to the idea. After all, what kind of criteria determines who is -- and who isn’t -- suitor-worthy? In Whatever She Wants, if you’re a baby daddy with a pot belly and no job, don’t expect to make the cut. But like in life, it’s a fine line between maintaining self-worth and simply reducing men to a tally sheet. Learn this balance with Vivica, er, Vivian, tonight at the James L. Knight Center.
Sun., Nov. 4, 2007


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