Best Jokes Ever

To those raised by cable television in the mid-’00s, Christian Finnegan is immediately recognizable for two things: his tour of duty on VH1’s talking-head show, Best Week Ever, and his standout performance as Chad, the meek white housemate who eventually meets his demise via gut-stabbing in the classic Chappelle’s Show sketch “The Mad Real World.” Many performers might rest on their laurels with such a place in pop culture, but Finnegan hasn’t; rather, he has become one of the most reliable acts on the stand-up circuit. Don’t let his boyish looks deceive you — Christian Finnegan is a comedy veteran, deftly and dependably using the biting wit that made him a TV favorite in comedy clubs across the country. Despite his VH1 commentary credentials, Finnegan doesn’t cover the weekly TMZ beat, instead churning out material that’s keenly observed and often personal — including his struggles with aging, masculinity, and marriage — in a way that’s wholly unique to him.
Sat., June 9, 2012


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