Behind the Mask

Your face is forever changing. As time passes, a network of fine lines creeps across your forehead, around your mouth, under your eyes. You gain weight and your jaw line droops. When you’re happy, your face is open and bright, seeming to broadcast inner states of being. But darker moods throw up an opaque screen, an impenetrable mask. You are hidden.

Running through July 31, the current exhibition, “Mystic Visage,” at World Class Boxing contemplates the human face in its many aged, disguised, and evolved forms. Curated by Desiree Cronk, this art show features selections from the Scholl Collection, including photography, sculpture, and drawing by Fergus Greer, Adam Helms, Pepe Mar, Lee Materazzi, William J. O’Brien, Gabriel Orozco, Josh Smith, and Jack Strange. But the true headliner is international art star Cindy Sherman. “She explores very unreal, over-the-top female personae, from sun-worshippers to clowns and clawed grotesques,” Cronk explains. “Her very human figures are nonetheless so unreal that they become ‘drag’ in nature.”
Sat., July 3, 10 a.m., 2010


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