Beethoven Never Looked This Good

Beethoven’s music communicates a great deal of his brilliant yet troubled and lonely life. But his distinctive appearance left a little to be desired – unless you’ve got a thing for wild hair and beetle brows. If ever a group of soloists could bring out the sensual grace that the composer physically lacked, it’s the three young female musicians of the Eroica Trio.

The Grammy-nominated and Naumburg Award-winning group derived its name from the Italian word for heroine plus the name of Beethoven’s Third Symphony, dedicated to Napoleon. Eroica Trio concerts are innovative musical endeavors that blend music by Beethoven, Dvořák, and Paul Schoenfield with modern echoes of jazz. Tonight the threesome will be performing as part of the Community Arts Program’s Summer Concert Series at Coral Gables Congregational Church.
Thu., June 21


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