Because of Dixie Dingo

This is one you can blame on the dog. In honor of a stray Dixie dingo puppy named Logan, popular local artists Julie Lara Kahn and Brook Dorsch present the second Dixie Dingo Super-8 Invitational Film Festival at the Dorsch Gallery to celebrate the lucky dog’s third birthday. “He changed our lives forever,” says Kahn.

Feeding off the wondrous possibilities that emerge from chance meetings and twists of fate, Kahn and Dorsch had the idea to give cameras and film to eight random strangers and then screen whatever they shot. “All of it is about serendipity and taking risk,” adds Kahn. The eight filmmakers include Crispin Sylvester, a Rastafarian; Bethany Quinn, a UM hunger-striker; and Nastassja Schmidt, a high school student who happens to be an aspiring filmmaker.

Since tonight’s festival was inspired by a stray, it will also benefit Faktura Pet Projekts, a nonprofit pet rescue run by artists Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston and Angela Roell. Kahn also stresses that this is truly a community collaboration. “It’s a good way to bring new audiences to the arts. A lot of these people may have never set foot in an art gallery.” While the organizers and audience will be surprised by the end results, you will see “images of Miami that are really lyrical,” promises Kahn. The screening begins at 8:00. Admission and popcorn are free; donations are welcome. Call 305-576-1278, or visit
Tue., Aug. 8


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