Beat the Cheeseheads

The Miami Marlins might not have the league’s best record. Or the second best. Or anything requiring the use of the word best. But showing support for their efforts earns you some good karma. Plus, someone’s gotta pay off that multimillion-dollar stadium construction tab. Might as well be you. The Marlins will take on the Milwaukee Brewers this Thursday in the last game of their second summer series. Last month’s matchup was a split, so these games are Miami’s chance to show Milwaukee who’s boss. Sunshine and sand versus beer and cheese: the showdown of the century. Even if you’re not into on-field antics, the new stadium is chock full of other diversions. Nosh on arepas and drink Corona Light. Watch bobbleheads wiggle. Take a dip in the Clevelander’s pool. And if you’re really lucky, our boys will hit a home run and you’ll catch a glimpse of the “Tremenda Mierda Fountain” in all its manic, neon-hued glory.
Thu., Sept. 6, 12:40 p.m., 2012


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