Beach Bummin’

Tourists visiting Miami, allow us to clear up a popular misconception. You might imagine yourself sitting under some kind of colorful striped umbrella, sipping a cocktail at some kind of beachfront restaurant while you gaze at a tranquilly lapping ocean. That ain’t gonna happen if you visit Miami Beach. In fact you might be hard-pressed to find a decent bar within foot-dipping distance of the ocean. If you seek sumptuous cocktails, a stunning setting, and a Sunday afternoon filled with beats, rhymes, and life, check out Dune at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. The weekly Sunday Lounge is the place to be if you’ve got a crisp Benjamin burning a hole in your wallet.

The vibe of the Ritz’s new restaurant is anything but ritzy. It’s a burger joint where guests can lounge on plush beds, pull up a seat at the tiki bar, or sit on comfy curved couches, all while wiggling their toes in the sand. The prices remain pretty ritzy, though; one might expect as much from a joint that serves 100 percent Kobe beef burgers topped with “bleu cheese foam” and braised belly bacon. And the clientele likes it splashy. Heads turn when waiters walk by holding massive jeroboams of champagne, and the beverage menu includes camera-worthy cocktails aplenty. The rosé sangria is to die for, and you might forever regret not ordering the black and blue mojito, which comes liberally studded with fresh berries. The beer selection also impresses, including rarities such as India’s Kingfisher, Trinidad and Tobago’s Carib, and China’s Tsingtao brew. From 3 p.m. to sunset, you can chill while a DJ spins relaxed downbeat tunes. Come pretend you’re in Saint-Tropez by simply cruising over the causeway.
Sun., Dec. 21, 2008


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