Be Our Bestie: TV's Top Five Fantasy BFFs

Be Our Bestie: TV's Top Five Fantasy BFFs

Everyone has that one great aunt who talks about the characters from her "stories" like she knows them personally. We used to think it was kinda sad. But lately, several returning TV shows have us craving a deeper connection with the people we see on the screen.

Yes, we're talking about befriending TV characters. Is it pathetic to feel real affection for a fictional character? Perhaps. But it's no more pathetic than your stash of heavily Photoshopped porn, so maybe let's not be so judgey, okay?

From the Deputy Director of the Pawnee City Department of Parks and Recreation to a sexy Colombian housewife, these are five characters we want as our besties.

Be Our Bestie: TV's Top Five Fantasy BFFs

We'd wear matching friendship bracelets with New Girl's Jessica "Jess" Day (Zooey Deschanel), but what we really want is to raid her whole closet for cute, colorful skirts and vintage dresses. The wardrobe upgrade is our main draw to Jess, but it's impossible to not like the adorkable teacher with a perfect head of hair, too. I mean, she plays in a handbell group, made up her own theme song, and finds people that don't like dessert flawed -- you'd never have to worry about being cool enough for her. Plus, she'd talk you out of any questionable alcohol-induced actions and then double-make-sure you get home safely.

Be Our Bestie: TV's Top Five Fantasy BFFs

Never before has a housewife so jaw-droppingly voluptuous warmed up to us like Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara). The Modern Family character may be wholly devoted to her husband and son, but deep down, Gloria is a genuine girl's girl. She's the kind of friend who would instantly cheer you up from a less than stellar day with funny stories spoken in a heavy Colombian accent. Gloria also speaks her mind, so you wouldn't have to worry about her being too nice to tell you that you have something green in your teeth (the truest sign of honesty). With a body like hers around, you'd always be encouraged to go to the gym. And if anyone ever crosses you, she can call in a favor from her homeland.

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