Bail Out Your Aching Back

It’s absolutely fine to admit that a layer of crust is coating your feet like a pair of thick socks. We won’t judge you if you say the knots in your back haven’t felt a caress since you broke up with your massage-fetish boyfriend in 1988. Your checkbook is carefully balanced and the kids are properly nourished, but sometimes “me” — meaning you — gets neglected. Whether owing to insufficient time or funds, a visit to a salon for pampering can sound like a tanning bed in the Alaska governor’s mansion: a ridiculous luxury. We can’t do anything about your busy schedule, but Spa Week is the answer to your financial woes.

From this Monday through October 19, various spas in the area will offer their services for just 50 bucks. So drop off the kids at the nearest dog park and head to Brownes Beauty Lounge (841 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) for a 60-minute margarita scrub, Hot Molton Brown shower, and back, neck, and shoulder massage that costs less than a night at the local cineplex. Then cruise over to Laser Cosmetica (400 Arthur Godfrey Rd., Miami Beach) for a celeb-worthy microdermabrasion or chemical peel session that will leave your face tighter than our buns after a spinning class. Visit for a full list of venues and treatments, and choose at least one. You deserve it.
Oct. 13-19, 2008


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