Bah Humbag, the Musical

We all grew up with Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and those guilt-inducing ghosts of Christmases past, present, and yet to come. Whether we read the novella, watched the movies (props to Bill Murray), or caught a theatrical production of the age-old story, the deliciously negative Ebenezer Scrooge was a consistent fixture in the holidays of our youth. Considering Scrooge’s feel-good transformation, it would be an injustice, and probably land you on that weird jolly guy’s naughty list, if you skipped A Christmas Carol, the Musical at Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre this season. The familiar tale takes a musical turn with songs by Scott Morlock and Earl Maulding, who adapted the story with Nina Felice. Get ready to spend a few hours with Tiny Tim, the Cratchit family, those nagging ghosts, and that lovable curmudgeon, Scrooge.
Tue., Nov. 30, 10 a.m., 2010


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