Backwoods Bildungsroman

They were an indigenous people scarred by colonization and repressed by a society that would prefer to have left them behind. No, we’re not talking about Native Americans. Yolngu Boy, a coming-of-age film set in Australia’s heartland, examines present-day Aboriginal culture in the midst of turbulent adolescence. Tonight’s free screening is part of the Next Gen Film Project, a series of award-winning films being shown at the Wolfsonian. “It’s a great program. We introduce the film, we screen it, and we usually have a film studies professor available to host a dialogue afterward. And ideally there are kids in the audience, so we can get their perspective,” explains public programs manager Jacqueline Crucet. This particular film is deemed appropriate only for high school students because of strong language and violence. Come prepared for a powerful motion-picture experience at 7:00. Call 305-531-1001, or visit
Fri., July 7


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