Back in the Day

Those who think Art Basel injected big-time art into Miami’s anemic cultural artery need to visit the Bakehouse Art Complex. Its latest exhibit proves that trash talkers, who say this town was a sorry backwater before the Swiss invaded, are spouting unadulterated hogwash. Opening tonight at 7:00, BAC smacks back with “and you thought you brought it with you ...,” featuring more than 50 local artists whose works were exhibited in galleries, museums, and collections prior to 1980. This sprawling survey of the city’s cultural growth includes programs, posters, and memorabilia that date back a quarter-century.

“Memory not recorded becomes memory lost, and history not recorded becomes history lost,” explains Bakehouse president Robert Apfel. Several spaces that paved the way for others — which have inspired boozy gallery crawls, transforming us into a cultural colossus — will be on board to show how far we have evolved. “This exhibit can only give minor witness to the abundance of visual and performing arts experiences that were available in Miami to those who sought it,” Apfel says.
Fri., April 7, 7 p.m.


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