B-Girl Style

In the glory days of hip-hop, dance formed an integral part of the culture. Nobody can forget the early days of break dancing or the synchronized moves of Kid ’N Play. Hip hop music has since evolved, and rappers like Fat Joe have been instructing crowds just to “lean back.” Would be grinders who have always yearned to pop and lock can now master those fly moves at the Miami Contemporary Dance Center. The center teaches everything from ballet to flamenco, and its new hip-hop dance class adds to the diverse mix. “This class will teach students the basic building blocks of urban dance,” explains artistic director Ray Sullivan. “Hip-hop is an attitude. There's no discrimination,” adds instructor Gabriela Schaffer. “It seems difficult at the beginning, watching people twist their bodies into different shapes. But anyone can do it.” A single class costs $12, and if you decide it isn't your thing after a half hour, the fee can be reapplied to another class of your choice.
Wednesdays, 6-7 p.m., 2006


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