Aural Filth

The evolution of dubstep as a musical genre reads like some kind of “origins story” for a character in a graphic novel. Formed from dissonant and minor key bits and pieces from UK garage and two-step tracks, dubstep, or “grime” as it’s sometimes known, was the experimental afterbirth of DJs who wanted their electronic music to get a lot darker. Typically rejecting the ebullient hi-hat of house and techno in favor of a driving bass line, dubstep done right often sounds like the mood music for a serial killer. In fact, it comprised nearly the entire soundtrack of 2006’s dark cinematic fairy tale, Children of Men.

Now even Public Enemy is on board. The group’s touring DJ since 1999, DJ Lord, is also a member of Trill Bass, a four DJ collective dedicated to grime. This Thursday, Lord will bring his dirtiest bass lines to Miami when he appears at (((Shake))), the weekly DJ showcase at the Vagabond, notorious for dishing out Colt 45s, Nintendo, and the finest in hip-hop-related beatology. Appearing alongside Lord will be Otto von Schirach and Ashworth, as well as Miami’s own Juan Basshead.
Thu., June 4, 10 p.m., 2009


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