Attack of the Reptiles

Thanks to the stupefying power of cartoons and a basic lack of book knowledge, there are far too many 30-year-olds who continue to believe in the once-upon-a-time coexistence of dinosaurs and cavemen. Usually, this wild delusion bubbles into conversation at 2 a.m. after six beers, a few bong hits, and a VHS viewing marathon of Jurassic Park. “Can you imagine being alive back in the day, dude? I don’t know how Encino man took on T-rex. Those lizards were fierce.”

Set the historical record straight and take your dumb buddy to “Dino Island” at the Miami Children’s Museum this Sunday. There will be nine robotic reptiles — Tyrannosaurus rexes, apatosauruses, triceratopses, maiasauras, and a pteradon — prowling around a smoke-spewing volcano, a hot and stinky swamp, and a Cretaceous Serengeti. Your friend — and schoolchildren — will benefit from easy-to-understand educational exhibits including “Teaching With Triceratops” and “Prehistoric Puppets,” not to mention tactile learning tools such as fossil dig stations and interactive light displays. Having your bro count back to 65 Million B.C. on his fingers might backfire, though.
Starts: July 11. Daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., 2010


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