Asia, Meet Gables

In exchange for a booming economy, China has paid a steep price to carve a spot on the global financial stage. It’s been a bitter pill for many Chinese to swallow since pictures of Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders began to outnumber those of Chairman Mao on Beijing streets. A new generation of Chinese artists has taken as their theme the Western corruption of their society and created a niche in the international art market. Tonight at 7 at ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries, the exhibit “Six 21st-Century Chinese Neo-Pop Artists” will present the local debut of that nation’s talent whose vision reflects the baffling changes sweeping their land. Catch Liu Yan’s nifty balancing act in works mixing traditional Chinese painting with Western imagery, ranging from the mugs of ancient emperors to scintillating nudes to punk rockers and fugitives from classical Chinese opera. The shows runs through February 29. Call 305-444-4493, or visit

The Gables gallery stroll gets busy with a mega dose of Western excess at miArte Gallery (85 Merrick Way, Coral Gables), where “85@85” showcases 85 artists who have each painted a dish-towel-size canvas for the affair. The works will be presented as a single installation, or a picturesque circle jerk if you prefer. Through February 29. Call 305-445-2783, or visit
Jan. 4-Feb. 29, 2008


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