Ascending the Throne

So around this time last year, we wrote an article about the annual Bob Marley Movement Caribbean Fest that was heartfelt, but apparently aroused the displeasure of the event's organizers. Could it be that the awkward interview struck a chord? Possibly so — this year's event lineup is ten times better than last year's, and the festival is once again a must-attend for reggae fans and culture lovers throughout South Florida.

The main reason for this year's positive buzz is that the Marley family's secret weapon is being unsheathed. Second-oldest son of Bob, Stephen Marley, is about to release his highly anticipated debut album, Mind Control. This particular Marley has been building his resume as a producer extraordinare, manning the soundboard for little brother Damian's award-winning Welcome to Jamrock album. At this year's festival, Stephen will be the headliner. He will mash up the dance with the unforgettable "Traffic Jam," a retro chant-a-long that invokes toasters like Supercat and Tenor Saw. Brothers Damian and Julian will also take the stage, and no doubt some of papa Bob's classics will be sung by his incredibly blessed progeny. Besides the Marley bloodline, other top class acts like Sizzla and Capleton offer up praise to Jah. Admission is $30 in advance, with four cans of food to be donated at the gates.
Sat., March 3, 1 p.m.


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