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With pool parties, beach days, and heinous hangovers occupying most of this summer, you’re probably jonesing for a little intellectual stimulation. Enter Art Club for Adults, a special gathering for grownups at the Bass Museum (2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach). On Thursday, attendees can browse the “Unnatural” exhibit, taking in the sights and sounds of “synthetic nature” and enjoying a little adult interaction of the PG-rated variety. Art enthusiasts will dig the exhibit’s assortment of pieces designed to explore the relationship between real and artificial; romance and reality; and technology and nature. After perusing the assortment of videos, photographs, sculptures, and installations by artists including Freddy Shachar Kislev, Boaz Aharonovitch, and Blane De St. Croix, clubgoers can gather to talk shop: what they liked, what they didn’t, and that age-old question, “What does it mean?” The club itself was founded to stimulate creativity and provide an environment conducive to deep discussions about art, life, and everything in between. Hey, sometimes bar conversations just don’t cut it.
Thu., Sept. 13, 1:30 p.m., 2012


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