Artistic Weight

Miami native Edward Berounsky is an architect and a sculptor. The artist’s latest exhibit, “Heavy Metal,” is no reflection on his musical taste. “I listen to Willie Nelson,” he says during a phone interview from his office in South Miami. “The exhibit is called ‘Heavy Metal’ because my metal sculptures are heavy. They’re three-dimensional configurations of aluminum sheets that can weigh up to 300 pounds each.”

Craftsmanship runs in his family. “My grandfather did metal work on Rolls Royce cars, and my father designed aircraft parts for Pan-Am. I learned the art of metal-working from them,” he says. When he is not drawing blueprints for small office buildings, designing custom-made metal furniture for his home, or creating large sculptures, Ed is flying high in the sky above the Everglades on his hang glider. Meet the artist and check out his sculptures at tonight’s 7:00 opening reception at miArte Gallery.
Starts: July 26. Daily, 2007


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