Art for the Angry

It’s no coincidence that with a presidential election looming on the not-too-distant horizon, issues of manipulation, protest, and power are occupying artists’ minds. After all, the republic is on shaky grounds. Fixing the economy remains a tall order, and political hopefuls are crisscrossing the nation offering empty rhetoric while the average wage slave wonders how he can afford to fill the gas tank, let alone cover the month’s rent. That’s why you can see a pair of topical shows during the Second Saturday Art Walk that aspire to shed light on voter frustration and people sick of the unkept promises made by the stuffed shirts who call themselves our leaders. At Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts (2043 N. Miami Ave., Miami), catch Michael Loveland’s exhibit, “Word of Mouth.” Inspired by antiwar posters and Occupy Wall Street protest signs, the artist employs images of people with their mouths erased to explore the power of the individual’s voice in society. Lowenstein is also presenting “Paper and Light” by Germany’s Angela Glajcar, whose delicate works strike a balance between the permanent and immaterial. Call 305-576-1804 or visit About a mile north, at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery (3550 N. Miami Ave., Miami), Cuba’s Reynier Leyva Novo thumbs his nose at ideology with his arresting “Novo Aniversario,” a collection of 27 political posters that challenge the machinations of those in power who believe individuals are incapable of becoming agents of change. Call 305-573-2700 or visit
Sat., April 14, 6 p.m., 2012


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