Art Crimes

There's nothing illegal about Smash and Grab, Locust Projects' (3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami) annual fundraiser that lets attendees win thousands of dollars' worth of art by local and international artists. But the thrill you get from its art raffle very well should be. Ticket-buyers go in knowing they'll score at least one sweet piece of art – perhaps from Agustina Woodgate, a local art star who's among the few Miami names to show at Art Basel this year, or perhaps from Jillian Mayer, known for her viral “I Am Your Grandma” YouTube video and Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke short film which screened at Sundance. The adrenaline rush comes in when the ticket numbers start being called; first called gets first pick of the over 115 works up for grabs, second called gets the next pick, and so on. With works by Jessy Nite, Emmett Moore, and Christy Gast also prime for the picking, the feeling must be similar to chugging a Red Bull and then putting your life savings on black at the roulette table. But even if you're not one of the lucky ticketholders, Smash and Grab offers plenty of other enticements: free drinks and a local DJ. And at the afterparty at South Street (4000 NE Second Ave., Miami), everyone can come down from their collective art high together.
Sat., Oct. 27, 6:30 p.m., 2012


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