Arsht Books Billy Crystal for December


ou ever have those moments when you wonder, Hey, whatever happened to such-and-such movie star. He does quality work -- why haven't I seen him in forever? You totally do, right? Maybe you've thought that about Billy Crystal, who hasn't had a major onscreen credit since 2002's Analyze That. Seriously, he hasn't even landed a part as "Wacky Father-in-Law" in some romantic comedy, or "Crazy Dad" in a kids' movie. 

Instead, because Crystal has standards, damn it, he's been concentrating on other projects, such as 700 Sundays, a one-man, two-act play that won a Tony in 2005. The play "deals with [Crystal's] youth, growing up in the jazz world of Manhattan, his teenage years, and finally adulthood."

Later this year, he'll take the show on the road through six American cities, including a run at West Palm Beach's Kravis Center December 3-6 and then Miami's Arsht opera house December 9-13. 

Ticket information should be announced soon. 


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