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    Progress in Work

    In an essay called "The Decline of Quality," Pulitzer Prize-winning author Barbara Tuchman writes of Michelangelo, who locked all potential helpers out of the Sistine Chapel while he spent four painful years on a scaffold carrying his famed work to c...

    by Roberta Morgan on August 4, 1993
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    Banal Zone

    An esteemed acting teacher named Richard Pinter, himself a student of the great coach Sanford Meisner, once succinctly explained to his students (including me) the difference between real life and life as properly written and acted for the stage. "If...

    by Roberta Morgan on July 28, 1993
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    Found Memories

    When the Actors' Playhouse invited me to review their production of playwright Jane Wagner's dramatic triumph, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, I took several deep breaths and said a prayer for Donna Kimball, the local actres...

    by Roberta Morgan on July 21, 1993
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    Footlights and Fancy-Free - Theatre League of South Florida

    A few empty parking spaces suddenly and miraculously available on Ocean Drive, combined with the paucity of openings around town, tell this reviewer it's time for the 1992-93 season wrap-up, an annual offering that enables me to put the growth of Sou...

    by Roberta Morgan on July 14, 1993
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    The Scarlet P

    Susan Karrie Braun appears to be obsessed with the letter A. She's taken the classic nineteenth-century Nathaniel Hawthorne novel, The Scarlet Letter, in which the initial worn on a young woman's chest stood for adultery, and updated it to signify AI...

    by Roberta Morgan on July 7, 1993
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    Play Tripper

    Along with passing out at the wheel because the car's AC abruptly conks out at high noon, and showering six times a day, one of the charming oddities of the summer months in South Florida is the opportunity to view eccentric types of theater otherwis...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 30, 1993
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    Ignite Moves

    I never cease to be pleased by how much I learn on this job. When I first saw one of my personal favorite plays A Lanford Wilson's lust story Burn This A in 1987 on Broadway, I would have sworn that above and beyond the brilliance of the work itself,...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 23, 1993
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    Faux Jest

    When I was much younger and wanted something badly, such as a cable- knit sweater or a parakeet, I used to tell my mother that everybody had one. "Everyone?" she would inquire, with an arched left eyebrow. "If everyone jumped off the Woolworth buildi...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 16, 1993
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    Summertime News

    Snowbirds swiftly flying the co-op believe that the soggy South Florida summer results in nothing more than lethargic attempts at action and lazy, hazy days spotlighted largely by sweaty naps. Juan Cejas and Maria Romeu of the ACME Theater and Mario ...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 9, 1993
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    Pianist Envy

    The term "unsung hero" usually applies to volunteer firemen or people who tend to the sick without compensation or publicity. But there is another unsung figure of import: the artistic hero who lives and dies in obscurity, who skips the occasional fa...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 2, 1993
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    Curious George

    When we found out that I might not grow to be taller than five feet, my family took to reminding me that "good things come in small packages." This overused aphorism came to mind as I sat in the Miami Actor's Studio A which holds no more than 50 p...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 26, 1993
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    Luv Stinks

    In the time I've occupied this position, I've seen dozens of shows A some good, a few excellent, and many fair, poor, or simply awful. However, I've only twice found it necessary for the maintenance of my sanity to leave at intermission after expe...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 19, 1993
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    Cross-Dressed to Kill

    Before heading to see the newly formed Florida Playwright's Theatre present a penny-dreadfully fine rendition of Charles Ludlam's 1984 classic camp parody, The Mystery of Irma Vep, implant three words firmly in your mind: courage, ambition, facetious...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 12, 1993
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    The Spying Game

    Occasionally I'll have a few nighttime beers in a bar on South Beach. It's a place filled mostly with locals and European tourists, the large majority of them men. Every once in a while a tall, Spandex-wrapped blonde will jiggle her way through the c...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 5, 1993
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    Land Mines and Bland Mimes

    The truest comment made by a politician in recent history was uttered by Jimmy Carter, when he stated flatly, "Life is not fair." Indeed. Take the case of the ACME Acting Company, struggling through scores of financial difficulties, versus the Coconu...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 28, 1993
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    Science Affliction

    That creaky adage about writing A 10 percent inspiration, 90 percent perspiration A should be heeded carefully by would-be authors. Students eagerly approach writing instructors with what they believe is the key to any novel, play, or short story: TH...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 21, 1993
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    Gender Bender

    One of the major brain twisters of the current decade has got to be sexuality: should you do it, with whom, and which sex. Whereas in the past sexual peccadilloes and debates largely remained confined to straightforward scandals A pre- or extramarita...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 14, 1993
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    Eli of the Mind

    Successful dramas tend to deal with similar themes -- lost romance, identity crises, loneliness, family tensions -- partly because some subjects lend themselves more easily to the stage than others. Extraterrestrials (and other types of space matter)...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 7, 1993
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    No Dane, No Gain

    Few dramatic scholars would argue against the assertion that Hamlet remains one of the greatest plays ever written. Unlike such masterpieces as Home Alone and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Shakespeare's tragedy about the Prince of Denmark was not exactly...

    by Roberta Morgan on March 31, 1993
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    Hallowed Hall

    If you're feeling lethargic, spend an hour with Michael Hall, the artistic director and founder of the Caldwell Theatre Company, one of South Florida's two state theaters. Immense funds of energy, optimism, and creativity fill the room from the...

    by Roberta Morgan on March 16, 1993
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