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    Betrayal Takes Three

    Significant historical events often shape an entire generation's psyche, and when that generation reaches maturity, the whole of society can be similarly affected. America's Depression-era babies, for example, were nurtured in an atmosphere of guilt ...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 29, 1994
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    Light, As in Flimsy

    Everyone deserves a vacation, even artistic directors. I suspect that after producing an exceptional season of drama and musical revues at New Theatre, Rafael de Acha decided to take a break, and graciously hand over this summer's season to John A. W...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 22, 1994
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    Get Surreal

    If you choose this week to enter into the world created by the ninth International Hispanic Theatre Festival, you may find yourself in a landscape of altered reality, where the stakes are high, the laughs are dark, and the tragic and comedic are almo...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 15, 1994
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    Virility Bites

    Anyone who has seen Luis Santeiro's two prior plays in their world premieres at the Coconut Grove Playhouse -- Mixed Blessings (1989) and The Lady from Havana (1991) -- knows what to expect from his latest offering at the Playhouse, The Rooster and t...

    by Roberta Morgan on June 1, 1994
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    Happy Daze

    London, August 1973. Married less than six months, my husband and I strolled down Kings Road, blissfully in love with each other and with youth. Craftsmen on the street sold gold rings with artful designs, buskers played haunting ballads on weather-b...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 25, 1994
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    Long Hot Summer

    I would be less than truthful if I said that the 1993-94 theater season in South Florida was anywhere near triumphant; in fact, it was not half as exciting as the two previous years I've spent here as a critic. Disregarding the few high points and th...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 18, 1994
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    The Ties That Blind

    Recently I saw a T-shirt imprinted with a cartoon that made me laugh out loud. It showed a young man sitting in a large but otherwise empty auditorium. The banner suspended from the ceiling read, "Convention Headquarters: Children from Completely Nor...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 11, 1994
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    British, Not Brilliant

    An outraged member of the local theatrical community recently confronted me during the intermission of a play and asked if it was true that I, like some other regional critics (who he did not name), was about to begin rating productions using a star ...

    by Roberta Morgan on May 4, 1994
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    Life with Barney

    After observing more than five years of solid growth in South Florida theater, it has become clear to me that certain venues, mostly by virtue of the skills of their artistic directors, produce dependably excellent work, both in the choice of scripts...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 27, 1994
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    Boredom in Beantown

    A.R. Gurney seems to be one of those playwrights you either love or hate, depending upon your appreciation of the dry wit and humor slowly unveiled within the restrained settings of his plays. Whether it's the painful family estrangement in The Middl...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 20, 1994
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    The Walking Wounded

    Miss Saigon -- that monster musical hit from the creators of Les Miserables and producer Cameron Mackintosh, now playing at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts -- reminded me of the Vietnam War, which serves as its backdrop. Like the war, the ...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 13, 1994
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    The Cliche Corner

    If playwright Geoffrey Hassman were a high school freshman, and if his play Jacob's Blanket A currently running at the Drama Center in Deerfield Beach A were his first attempt at writing, I might cut him some slack. Some of the characters are endeari...

    by Roberta Morgan on April 6, 1994
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    Willy's Wild West

    Before the antics of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, before Jerry Lewis won over the fickle hearts of the French, lo, even before Milton Berle was belted with numerous pies in the face and Buster Keaton tripped over his own feet, a very fam...

    by Roberta Morgan on March 30, 1994
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    Dearly Departed

    While pure lighthearted entertainment is fine from time to time, I freely admit to preferring art, whether on stage, screen, page, or canvas. If someone were to pin me down and demand a definition of art -- a term so often abused -- I would state tha...

    by Roberta Morgan on March 9, 1994
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    O Solo Mio

    Even though it's my usual task to comment on the work of playwrights, directors, and performing artists, I must open this review with a barb directed toward a fellow critic. William A. Henry III recently wrote an impossibly ignorant paragraph in the ...

    by Roberta Morgan on March 2, 1994
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    Moe's the Pity

    A great evening at the theater is composed of a whole host of elements, some obvious, some more subliminal. The basic minimum is an excellent script and superb cast. Then lighting, sound, costumes, and other technical effects -- or the stark absence ...

    by Roberta Morgan on February 23, 1994
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    Blahs in the Night

    Remember the old scenario about describing a blind date? "Is she (he) cute?" you ask. "Well," comes the halting answer from your friend. "She (he) has a great personality." Of course this means a night with a refugee from the animal shelter. But...

    by Roberta Morgan on February 9, 1994
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    Revue-ing the Situation

    Finally, the theatrical famine that plagued South Florida this year at Yuletide 0.is ending, and new shows are actually opening again. Barry Steinman, president of the Theatre League of South Florida, told me he isn't sure why so many houses went dar...

    by Roberta Morgan on January 26, 1994
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    Wanted: Real Stars

    My mind is capable of doing a couple of things at once. Therefore, while watching Shirley MacLaine Live! at the Jackie Gleason Theater, my thoughts drifted to the current sorry state of the modern musical and the dramatic arts in general -- but that ...

    by Roberta Morgan on January 19, 1994
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    Waiting in the Wings

    Normally, the second half of South Florida's theatrical season comes up rosier than the first; this is the time of the tourists, when artistic companies present their most interesting offerings and try to appeal to a broader audience in terms of age ...

    by Roberta Morgan on January 12, 1994
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