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    Bardy Har Har

    Set against the backdrops of ghostly castles, lonely heaths, magical forests, and islands inhabited by spirits, the plays of William Shakespeare have been offering us insights into the human condition for four hundred years. Complex characters, from ...

    by Pamela Gordon on August 22, 1996
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    Love! Valour! Innovation!

    This past January, artistic director Rafael de Acha proudly announced that the Coral Gables-based New Theatre had secured the rights to present an August 1996 production of Terrence McNally's Love! Valour! Compassion! to be directed by company member...

    by Pamela Gordon on August 15, 1996
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    The Deal of the Century

    The contents of Miami's closets and drawers are now on display around town. Organizers of the small but satisfying exhibitions at the Wolfsonian, the Metro-Dade Main Library, and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida have wisely eschewed centenni...

    by Judy Cantor on August 15, 1996
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    Live Performance Lives!

    Naysayers have been tolling theater's death knell since the development of motion pictures more than a century ago. The sound has grown louder with each new technological threat to live performance, from television to VCR to CD-ROM to virtual reality...

    by Pamela Gordon on August 8, 1996
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    Comedy, Lightweight Division

    If exuberant performances were the only criteria for judging good theater, two musicals playing in Miami this summer would earn unequivocally high marks. At Actors' Playhouse in Coral Gables, a quartet of veteran musical theater artists have an infec...

    by Pamela Gordon on August 1, 1996
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    An Overly Broad Brush

    Latin American Women Artists 1915-1995, currently at the Center for the Fine Arts, is an equal opportunity exhibition, embracing both mastery and mediocrity under the guise of revisionist history. A broad, academic survey, it was organized by the Mil...

    by Judy Cantor on August 1, 1996
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    Congratulations... You Had a Homosexual

    At the heart of the provocative 1992 drama The Twilight of the Golds lies a hypothetical medical and moral dilemmma: If you are pregnant and find out, through a futuristic prenatal genetic test, that your child is going to be gay, what do you do? For...

    by Pamela Gordon on July 25, 1996
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    Three Men and a Maybe

    In the musical comedy Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down, currently playing at Hollywood Boulevard Theatre, three actors with energy to burn work admirably hard. Dan Kelley, Terrell Hardcastle, and Kevin Bogan sing, dance, and sweat their way throu...

    by Pamela Gordon on July 18, 1996
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    Techno Trashing

    A large fiberglass satellite dish sits on the floor of Fredric Snitzer's gallery in Coral Gables. Fourteen feet across and about three feet high, the old parabolic antenna that artist Mark Handforth found junked in a Hialeah yard makes for a formidab...

    by Judy Cantor on July 18, 1996
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    Acting Up, Acting Out

    A pink neon sculpture of a hooker beckons from just inside the glass front doors of ART-ACT, the gallery-cum-theater tucked into a corner of the Design District. A sprawling, eclectic space, ART-ACT features a coffee bar at the far end of one side of...

    by Pamela Gordon on July 11, 1996
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    Short Order

    The logistics of Summer Shorts seem to require a calculator and slide rule to figure out what's going on. An invigorating festival of eighteen one-act plays (each fifteen minutes long or less) that features a twelve-member acting company and eleven d...

    by Pamela Gordon on July 4, 1996
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    Statutory Jape

    Russian conceptual artists Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid were in Miami on June 12 to give a slide lecture at the Bass Museum of Art in conjunction with the museum's current exhibition Monumental Propaganda. Komar and Melamid initiated the show i...

    by Judy Cantor on July 4, 1996
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    Eight Is Enough

    Eight gay friends gather together during one summer in an idyllic spot outside New York City and learn poignant lessons about love, commitment, and terminal illness. Terrence McNally's Love! Valour! Compassion!, right? If the 1994-95 Tony Award-winni...

    by Pamela Gordon on June 26, 1996
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    Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

    Rafael de Acha says he's taking a risk. Rather than launch the eleventh season of his Coral Gables-based New Theatre with a classic from the dramatic canon, a piece of proven contemporary theater, or a crowd-pleasing musical, instead, early this mont...

    by Pamela Gordon on June 20, 1996
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    More Fun in the New World

    When you add it all together, the 26 visual arts majors graduating from the New World School of the Arts high school have won two and a half million dollars in scholarships to university-level art programs around the nation. New York City's esteemed ...

    by Judy Cantor on June 20, 1996
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    The (Kind of) Magnificent Seven

    Even before the air turns to soup, an endless summer of eclectic group shows takes over local museums and galleries. For example, the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale is currently exhibiting the works of seven artists awarded fellowships by the South...

    by Judy Cantor on June 13, 1996
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    Rites of Passage

    On-stage a man straddles a tire covered with netting, and then ties the side of a wooden ladder to the tire with a rope. Under cover of night, accompanied only by the sound of crickets, he swiftly constructs a raft. Once, twice, he hears a sound and ...

    by Pamela Gordon on June 6, 1996
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    Future Imperfect

    In Eric Overmyer's jaunty two-act brainteaser On the Verge, the leisurely pace of the nineteenth century collides with the speed-addicted tempo of twentieth-century life. Three Victorian lady travelers set out in 1888 to explore an uncharted region k...

    by Pamela Gordon on May 30, 1996
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    Fashion Victims

    Take the agitprop politics and innovative acting techniques of German theater genius Bertolt Brecht. Pour in an equal measure of melodrama from Fifties Hollywood soapmeister Douglas Sirk, director of infamous weep fests such as Imitation of Life, All...

    by Pamela Gordon on May 23, 1996
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    Men's Room

    A trained architect, artist David Rohn works a day job at a local design studio, while at night he's a fixture on the South Beach drag scene. That admission in itself would hardly raise a penciled eyebrow on Washington Avenue, where transvestites hav...

    by Judy Cantor on May 23, 1996
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