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    Street Fighters - The Warriors nicely complements the bloody cult classic that inspired it

    Rockstar Games has a winning recipe: Blend a nuanced story with a rich environment, add a dash of sensational marketing, then drench the confection in blood. What else would you expect from the publisher that gave us Grand Theft Auto? Rockstar's late...

    by LUKE O'BRIEN on November 10, 2005
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    New Times' top DVD picks for the week of November 8

    Bang Rajan (Hart Sharp) Big Fish: Special Edition (Columbia/Tristar) Blue Collar TV: Season 1, Volume 1 (Warner Bros.) Burn (Columbia/Tristar) Christmas With the Kranks (Sony) Cronicas (UMVD) Edward Scissorhands: Anniversary Edition...

    on November 10, 2005
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    The Bad America - Bill Maher continues to coax controversy

    Bill Maher has publicly compared mentally handicapped children to dogs and called the death penalty a way of "thinning out the herd." The iconic self-proclaimed bachelor is a clever, charismatic, and quick-witted man to watch onscreen, but speaking...

    by Joanne Green on November 10, 2005
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    Stage Capsules

    Brooklyn Boy: A writer from a fabled neverland called Brooklyn finally makes it big just as his personal life begins to fall apart. Donald Margulies's bittersweet and not particularly satisfying comedy is so obviously personal that it feels unseemly ...

    on November 10, 2005
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    Saints - The two very different sides

    The terrain of the holy can appear a rough row to hoe in a pair of strangely provocative exhibits fertile with the sacred and profane. "The Saint Makers: A Living Tradition in American Folk Art" features more than 75 works of outsider religious ico...

    by Carlos Suarez De Jesus on November 10, 2005
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    The Force Runs Its Course

    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Lucasfilm Ltd.) The final installment of the Star Wars saga actually plays better at home: You can watch it, then pop in the original trilogy and chart the evolution of Anakin, and have it all actually ...

    by Robert Wilonsky on November 3, 2005
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    Exquisite Corpse - Finally zombies get some respect in Stubbs

    Pity the videogame zombie. He spends his short afterlife dodging self-righteous heroes hell-bent on peppering him with buckshot, setting him on fire, or blowing him to smithereens with a bazooka. Well, Stubbs is here to even the score. Set in the...

    by Gary Hodges on November 3, 2005
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    New Times's top DVD picks for the week of November 1

    American Chopper: Third Season (Columbia/Tristar) Attack Pack (Commando, Predator, and Kiss of the Dragon) (Fox) Bill Maher: I'm Swiss (Image Ent.) The Brady Bunch: Four-Season Pack (Paramount) Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam (War...

    on November 3, 2005
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    Our Body Issues, Ourselves - Serious, seriously funny Eve Ensler explodes the feminine mystique

    You have to admit, it's a tough act to follow. In her runaway international hit The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler was anything but shy about that most private of private parts and her disarming, in-your-face, beaver-affirming, life-empowering act...

    by OCTAVIO ROCA on November 3, 2005
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    Cameron Crowing

    Titanic: Special Collector's Edition (Paramount Home Video) Loved and loathed in equal measure, Titanic nonetheless is among the few modern-day movies deserving of lavish treatment; this boxed set, three discs with three hours of new stuff, feels ...

    by Robert Wilonsky on October 27, 2005
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    "Imperfect" Is Right - Boring game play mars Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.

    We've all been kicked in the junk by Marvel superheroes before. Watching Elektra was like two hours of nut-pummeling by a relentless, sac-hating donkey. But superhero films -- even bad ones -- gross bazillions of dollars. So it's no surprise that Mar...

    by Chris Ward on October 27, 2005
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    Our top DVD picks for the week of October 25.

    ABBA: The Movie (Universal) AC/DC: And Then There Was Rock (Chrome Dreams) Alias: The Complete Fourth Season (Buena Vista) Audioslave: Live in Cuba (Sony) The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Wellspring) Bewitched (Columbia/Tristar) The ...

    on October 27, 2005
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    The Human Condition - From banal and bizarre to strange and sad

    Gutsy Andrew Reach is an artist with steel in his spine. His show, "Beyond Pain," on exhibit at Tip Freeman's Paintings and Art Gallery, features nearly 40 riotously color-saturated digital works that chronicle his gritty comeback from two life-sa...

    by Carlos Suarez De Jesus on October 27, 2005
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    Haven of Horror - You might not believe in ghosts, but there's no denying terror

    Pagans, rejoice! 'Tis the scary season once again, and Halloween in all of its ghastly glory is listed as the second-largest commercial holiday, one that's slowly sneaking up on Christmas. According to the National Retail Federation, this year alo...

    by Joanne Green on October 27, 2005
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    Late Bloomers - Miami Light Project boasts a fall season opener

    Stranger things than Ethel exist in classical music, but not many. Then again, classical is not exactly the right word for this string quartet that plays nothing but decidedly new, often bizarre music. In the House of Ethel a site-specific sp...

    by OCTAVIO ROCA on October 27, 2005
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    New Times's top DVD picks for the week of October 18

    The Adventures of Superman: The Complete First Season (Warner Bros.) American Movie Musicals Collection (Columbia/Tristar) Batman Begins (Warner Bros.) Bruce Lee: Ultimate Collection (Fox) The Care Bears: Big Wish Movie (Lions Gate) Th...

    on October 20, 2005
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    Cape of Good Hope

    Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 (Warner Home Video) There's good reason to be skeptical of an eight-disc Batman set that forces you to buy the campy Joel Schumacher movies (Batman Forever, its title a veiled threat, and Batman & Rob...

    on October 20, 2005
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    Puppy Love - Nintendogs' charm will win over the most jaded of gamers.

    It's ugly to watch a grown man gush over a puppy. The kissing. The cooing. The "widdle-doggie" talk. Embarrassing stuff. So it was with trepidation that I approached Nintendogs, the cuddly dog-rearing sim for Nintendo DS. A million and a half peopl...

    by LUKE O'BRIEN on October 20, 2005
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    In Darkness There Is Light - An artist exorcises his creative demons

    The Devil is hidden among the details of Diego Singh's feverishly fresh, knee-bending corpus of work on display at the Fredric Snitzer Gallery. His exhibit, "Rid of Me or The Exorcist," skulks through a pop cultural purgatory to examine identity-rela...

    by Carlos Suarez De Jesus on October 20, 2005
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    Why We Need DVDs

    Arrested Development: Season Two (Fox Home Entertainment) The best show on TV -- which you'd know, if you actually watched the thing -- also serves as one of the best reasons for the existence of DVD: No show has ever rewarded multiple viewings th...

    on October 13, 2005
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