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    The Not-So-Melting Pot - The Immigrant

    Immigration is a physical act. A body of water is crossed; a mountain range grows smaller and smaller until it appears to be the knuckles of a hand resting on the earth. A dissonant jumble of consonants and vowels seeps into our thoughts until our dr...

    by Mia Leonin on May 4, 2000
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    Always About Andy - "About Face: Andy Warhol Portraits"

    Andy Warhol's art encapsulated the presumed banality of late twentieth-century American culture. He also exemplified the aesthetic ideal of the dandy: Life and work became one. Self-indulgent and reticent, Warhol, toward the end of his life, construc...

    by Alfredo Triff on May 4, 2000
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    Geek love - The men behind this season's best shows -- and biggest failures -- blame it all on Regis

    The voice-mail message begins with the caller identifying himself in a clear, sharp tone: "Hey, this is Chris Thompson, executive producer of Action and Ladies Man, and I hear you're trying to get a hold of me..." Long pause. "For some ungodly reason...

    by Robert Wilonsky on April 27, 2000
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    Stuff (New column. Online exclusive!) - Fatman and slobbin'

    A mildly retarded man who works in a grocery store believes he is Batman, the Dark Knight on a mission to free Gotham City from the clutches of The Joker. An actress playing the role of Wonder Woman becomes a spokeswoman, then scapegoat, for the Comm...

    by Robert Wilonsky on April 20, 2000
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    The Catastrophe of Success - Something Cloudy, Something Clear

    "The sort of life which I had previous to this popular success was one that required endurance, a life of clawing and scratching along a sheer surface and holding on tight with raw fingers to every inch of rock higher than the one caught hold of befo...

    by Mia Leonin on April 20, 2000
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    New Gallery Sensations - "Domestic Abstractions"

    We've been seeing some interesting stuff happening at the New Gallery, the only art gallery on the University of Miami campus. In the past the exhibition hall was used mainly to showcase students and faculty. Then, in November 1999, the art departmen...

    by Alfredo Triff on April 20, 2000
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    Stuff (New column. Online exclusive!) - The redemption of Bret Easton Ellis

    Even if you have devoured every word about the cinematic adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis 1991 novel American Psycho, about a Wall Street yuppie obsessed with using skin-care products and devouring the entrails of prostitutes, you have not read this ...

    by Robert Wilonsky on April 13, 2000
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    Death Be Not Dull - Wit

    In 1615 John Donne did something that changed the course of his life, and four hundred years later, the life of Vivian Bearing Ph.D.: He became an Anglican priest. Donne dedicated his life to writing religious prose and poetry. As a priest and poet ...

    by Mia Leonin on April 13, 2000
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    Staged for TV - A Passionate Woman

    What happens when you put Hot Lips Houlihan in yellow chiffon three sizes too tight on a roof with a ghost who looks like he could be a skinny second cousin of Elvis Presley? Paste this scene against a Technicolor blue sky reminiscent of those you se...

    by Mia Leonin on April 6, 2000
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    On Avant-Garde in Little Havana - "Welcome to the Hood"

    It's 9:00 on a breezy night in early spring, and the sounds of live music and people chatting announce this first studio crawl, a way to acquaint the public with the 6street visual arts collective. They make up a quarter-block of artists' studios off...

    by Alfredo Triff on April 6, 2000
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    Most Perfect Trinity - God's Man in Texas

    Los Angeles dramatist David Rambo (his real name) describes his discovery of a televangelist's audio technician as the missing link in his three-character play this way: "The Heavens opened, so to speak. I realized I had a trinity: the Father, Son, a...

    by Patrick Henry Flynn on March 30, 2000
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    Click on These Sights - Let your mouse bring you into the myth

    The digital revolution has radically altered the way we perceive art. Since the arrival of the Web, art has changed in form, content, and delivery. Electronic bits are sent over telephone lines, by microwave relay or satellites, through a scanner hoo...

    by Alfredo Triff on March 23, 2000
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    "Cradle" Will Softly Rock - Harry Chapin's America: Musical Lies & Legends

    Madonna, heaven help us, has yet to don patchwork jeans and a tiara and croon "Cat's in the Cradle" to a synthesized beat. But the day still may come when Harry Chapin's ballads, like Don McLean's "American Pie," become fodder for the pop diva's gris...

    by Jackie Potts on March 16, 2000
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    Return of the Craft - "The Garden Show"

    The Paseos Shopping and Entertainment center is a semiabandoned structure on Coral Way, two blocks east of Coral Gables. On the third level (next to Bally's Total Fitness) is Miami ArtWorks, a hybrid studio space, art school, gallery, and museum shop...

    by Alfredo Triff on March 9, 2000
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    Good Timing - A Delicate Balance

    Critics die. Audiences are reincarnated. The only true test of a work of art's value is its timelessness, and perhaps its timeliness. Timelessness is the ability of drama to say something about the human condition in a way that penetrates generation ...

    by Mia Leonin on March 9, 2000
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    Old Song, New Voice - Olivia's Opus

    Be honest. If someone told you ahead of time that you were going to see a play that depicts the coming-of-age of a young black girl somewhere in the South during the mid-Sixties, you might want to respond, "What a shame! I have a root canal to attend...

    by Mia Leonin on March 2, 2000
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    Pre-Portrait of an Artist - "Bert Rodriguez: A Pre-Career Retrospective"

    As heir to the ideological battles of the late Nineteenth Century, the avant-gardists hoped to make art sovereign by ridding it of the evils of capitalist consumerism. Once outside those laws, art truly would liberate mankind, just as Schiller had ex...

    by Alfredo Triff on February 17, 2000
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    More to the Point - Killer Joe

    First the good news: GableStage's new production of Killer Joe features smart staging and engaging performances, backed up by a terrific design team. South Florida theatergoers should consider themselves lucky to have this company in their midst. N...

    by Ronald Mangravite on February 10, 2000
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    Time Travels, Plot Doesn't - Communicating Doors

    "Sorry I'm late," whines the dominatrix in Communicating Doors. "I think there was a gun battle in the Strand." She sports a tattoo, nosebleed heels, and a leopard-print coat, underneath which is a layer of patent leather lingerie, complete with zipp...

    by Crissa-Jean Chappell on February 3, 2000
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    Something New, Something Wow - "Departing Perspectives" and "Arte Actual"

    Two weekends ago art lovers in Miami who made it to the Espirito Santo Bank building on Brickell Avenue for Departing Perspectives were offered a unique experience: a predemolition event curated by Fredric Snitzer. (The bank soon will be torn down.) ...

    by Alfredo Triff on February 3, 2000
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