Architects of Ambience

Before there was Brain Eno, there was John Cage. Although Cage is often lazily described as a composer, he’s actually the opposite. He created site-specific music installations where composition and performance occur at the same time. Among his avant-garde creations, he recorded silence (making listeners hyperaware of background noise) and a piece that created a soundscape of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake using text, music, and field recordings. The modern performance ensemble from Brooklyn, So Percussion, is celebrating Cage with an experimental music workshop and performance at Vizcaya Museum. Instead of proper instruments, they’ll use the materials they find within the villa’s gardens. Who knew that flora, fauna, and water could make beautiful music together? Perhaps it takes an education at Yale, where these four musicians met. So Percussion has coaxed melodies out of everything from glockenspiels to tweaked Ethernet ports and collaborated with like-minded ambient-technoists Matmos.
Thu., April 15, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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