An Artsy Ten-Dolla Holla

You've mastered painting by numbers and coloring within the lines, but you still can't find anyone who will plunk down the dough to own a piece of your handiwork. The forty artists-in-residence at ArtCenter/South Florida are used to people trading moola for their masterpieces, and as a part of the gallery's annual Winning Art fundraiser, art lovers will be coughing up ten bucks for just a chance of walking home with an original under their arm. Artists such as Eurydice (of embroidered soft-porn fame) and Hugo Moro have donated sculptures, paintings, and mixed-media works to raise funds for the Lincoln Road cultural center they call home, and a raffle ticket (or 30) will put you in the running to own your fave piece fair and square.

Visit or the gallery itself to check out the items up for grabs, and at Saturday's reception, you'll find out if you're a Warholesque winner with a lifetime of 15 minutes to enjoy your trappings, or simply a loser with bare white walls.
Tue., April 21, 7 p.m., 2009


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